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Introducing Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Training is designed to produce psychological states and skills in athletes that will lead to performance enhancement. It focuses on the mental skills that need to be developed to further propel athletic performances beyond that which can be achieved through physical and technical training.

Because psychology is the newest sport science, what needs to be trained and taught in sports is not well known or understood. This service provides step-by-step procedures for training mental skills that will improve sporting capabilities using the convenience of the Internet.

Click the following links in order to listen to an introductory explanation about mental skills training.

Introduction to Mental Skills Training - Part 1.

Introduction to Mental Skills Training - Part 2.

Links to Mental Skills Training Sections

Click on the appropriate link to access the mental skills training section of interest to you. All sections are free and do not require special access.

  • The Potential Use of Mental Skills Training in the Sporting Experience

  • Increasing the Positive Aspects of a Sporting Experience

  • Goal-setting

  • The Development of Commitment

  • Performance Enhancement Imagery

  • Relaxation

  • Precompetition Mental Skills

  • Competition Mental Skills
  • What is in the Mental Skills Training Service?

    Opportunities to do the following are provided in this service.

    • Perform mental skills training exercises under self-control.
    • Listen to explanations about and descriptions of mental skills training domains and features.
    • Undergo extensive sport-specific testing.
    • Consult with a licensed sport psychologist across the Internet.

    Accessing the Mental Skills Training Service

    • The service is entirely conducted over the Internet. That requires a basic knowledge about using computers.
    • Services are rarely interrupted.
    • Access to recorded explanations and directions and the behavior-change exercises can only occur by following the correct sequence of links.

    Link to More Detailed Explanations and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


    Mental Skills Training requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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